It is with broken hearts that we share our plans to cancel all in-person activities held on our site for Summer 2020.
If at any point new information emerges and conditions change that lead us to be able to provide in-person gatherings,
we will do so as a top priority.


OSRUI offers programs for children entering grades 2 through 12. Our sessions range in length from 5 days to 7 weeks, and focus on specific areas of interest, including Kibbutz life, the arts, Hebrew immersion, outdoor challenge, and more! Learn more by clicking on one of the programs. 

ALEPH BET  (Full for Girls)
Entering Gr. 2-3  . 7 Days  . June 15 - June 21 Entering Gr. 2-3  . 5 Days  . Aug. 5 - Aug. 9

Atid is an introductory program perfect for our youngest campers, most of whom will be away from home for the first time.  Atid campers get a taste of many of the activities offered at OSRUI, including horseback riding!  And they celebrate Shabbat with all of camp as well.  They form wonderful friendships and have a great time during what we hope will be the first of many summers at OSRUI.

Atid campers live in a cabin with 3 or 4 counselors and about 12 other campers of their grade.

*To give as many campers as possible an introduction to OSRUI, preference is given to first-time campers. If there are any spots open after January 1st, they may be made available to returning Atid campers or entering 4th graders, although the program is really designed for younger children.  Please contact OSRUI Registrar Rachel Lyon for information:   847-239-6974.

Please note that the tuition for Kallah Atid includes bus service.

ALEPH BET (Full for Girls) GIMMEL
Entering Gr. 3-5  . Two Weeks  . June 15 - June 28 Entering Gr. 3-5  . Two Weeks  . June 29 - July 12 Entering Gr. 4-6  . Three Weeks  . July 14- Aug. 2

Kallah2As a Kallah camper you will experience all the fun of summer camp! Your days will be filled with swimming, sports (baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and lots more!), Hebrew, and electives (photography, dance, drama, visual arts, media, horseback riding, nature, sports and more).  Campers may sign up for waterskiing, too. And everyone gets a chance to climb our 5-story Alpine Tower and high ropes course! Kallah campers live in a cabin with 3 or 4 counselors and about 12 other campers of their grade.

Entering Grades 4-7  . Two Weeks  . June 15 - June 28 Entering Grades 4-7  . Two Weeks  . June 29 - July 12 Entering Grades 5-7  . Four Weeks  . July 14 - August 9

ITzofimn Tzofim, which is modeled after a Kibbutz, campers live in tents and help prepare meals, tend the garden, and take care of our animals in a tight-knit community.

Every day in Tzofim is also filled with swimming, sports, electives (photography, dance, drama, visual arts, media, horseback riding, nature and more), Hebrew, and lots more! Campers may sign up for waterskiing, too. And you will get a chance to climb our 5-story Alpine Tower and high ropes course! Tzofim is designed for campers who are independent and really enjoy the outdoors and living in a rustic environment. Tzofim campers live in a large, cabin-size tent (sleeping on bunk beds) with 3 or 4 counselors and about 10 other campers of their grade. Seventh graders in Tzofim Gimmel go on an overnight camping trip. Our Tzofim Gimmel campers also produce and star in the incredible all-camp talent show, Oconomostock!

Entering Gr. 6-9  . Three Weeks  . June 23 - July 12 Entering Gr. 7-10  . Four Weeks  . July 14- Aug. 9

Gesher1Gesher is the classic camp experience for middle-school age kids, where our camp community comes alive and close connections are made.  Campers have multiple electives each day, and so many options to choose from:  sports (basketball, archery, softball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and lots more), nature, cooking, drama, photography, horseback riding, art, music and more, which are taught by our specialists, as well as a variety of counselor-led electives, like mad science, sign language, and Krav Maga.  Gesher Bet campers entering 8th - 10th grade have the option of going on a 3-day rock climbing trip.  And everyone in Gesher Bet helps produce the fabulous Gesher Carnival. The Carnival is the highlight of the last week of camp! Every Gesher Bet camper is involved in choosing the theme, creating different booths, and then actually running the Carnival. With inflatable obstacle courses, cotton candy, and a dunk tank, the Carnival is an awesome way to end the summer.

Gesher2aGesher is the Hebrew word for “Bridge,” and these programs help you build connections with other campers that will allow you to become a stronger leader, a stronger team member, a stronger member of the Jewish community, and a stronger you.


ALEPH BET  Full for Boys
Entering Grades 6-8  . 4 Weeks  . June 15 - July 12 Entering Grades 8-10  . 4 Weeks  . July 14 - August 9

Tiferet AlephThe Tiferet program explores art through a Jewish lens.  Our extraordinary artists help campers develop their talent, improve their skills, and enhance their ability to express themselves through their art.  When registering, campers choose their major area of interest: Drama, Instrumental Music, or Visual Arts. Space is limited in each specialty area.  In Tiferet Aleph, campers spend about 2 hours a day on their art of choice; in Tiferet Bet, studio time is about 3 hours a day.  Campers also have the opportunity to experience all the fun of summer camp, including sports, swimming, climbing our 5-story Alpine Tower and high ropes course, horseback riding and waterskiing!

Tiferet Aleph campers also star and perform in the Mesibah, the all-camp talent show!

Tiferet Bet closes with showcase of campers' work to which we invite parents: The Tiferet Bet Closing Program, held on Saturday afternoon before closing day - August 8th.

A note for vocalists... Our music program is designed for anyone with a passion for music. Campers who consider voice to be their main instrument are welcome to join Music Studio. A vocalist in Music Studio would be practicing voice and vocal techniques during individual practice time and would be expected to musically and creatively contribute to group projects with voice. Vocalists who also play instruments are encouraged to bring their instruments to camp. Please indicate on the Supplementary Application that you are a vocalist.

Why Choose Tiferet? Though every unit at camp promises to be awesome, Tiferet provides a unique opportunity, combining three different elements into an amazing summer: Art, Camp, and Judaism. As a Tiferet camper, you'll be able to expand your skills and creativity within your own art focus. At the same time, you'll have multiple opportunities to explore other art forms and grow as an artist. If that isn't enough, you'll get to enjoy all the fun of being at a summer camp, from the beautiful pool to the high ropes course to making s'mores by the campfire. Lastly, using different media, you'll explore the values that Judaism teaches. We hope that as you explore your options for this summer, you consider coming to Tiferet for a truly amazing experience!!

ALEPH BET  Full for Girls
Entering Grades 8-9 4 Weeks June 15 - July 12 Entering Grades 8-10 4 Weeks July 14 - August 9

MoshMoshavah is designed for those campers who love the outdoors and are prepared to challenge themselves. Moshavah campers live in a tent with 10 or 12 other teens and 2 or 3 counselors.  Mosh campers go on two or three multi-day trips:  backpacking, biking, canoeing, or rock climbing.  When not on a trip, campers experience all the fun of summer camp!

Entering Grades 10-11  .  7 Weeks  .  June 15 - August 2

ChalutzimChalutzim campers live and learn in a dynamic and unique intensive Hebrew-speaking environment.  The Chalutzim program is a total immersion Hebrew program. In one summer, campers typically achieve the equivalent of an entire semester of public high school language ability, while they explore their connection with the land and language of the Jewish people.

Entrance Requirements. In the past, we have required Chalutzim campers to pass an entrance examination.  We have found that campers have a more positive experience when they understand the seriousness of the Hebrew learning as part of the program, and we believe that an entrance examination is one way to demonstrate that seriousness. Additionally, the work in advance makes the adjustment to a Hebrew environment smoother.  But we have heard feedback from families about admissions for Chalutzim.  We are excited that this year, campers have three options to demonstrate their commitment to Hebrew as part of the Chalutzim admissions process:

  1. Take and pass a written assessment. Many congregations offer prep classes for this and OSRUI will provide prep materials in the fall. Campers who do not have a passing score the first time may retake the test. OR
  2. Attend and participate actively in a virtual Hebrew class series led by our Chalutzim faculty. After the class concludes, participants will have a 1:1 verbal assessment with one of our faculty members. More information will be available by November 1 about this option. OR
  3. Attend an in-person prep weekend at OSRUI over President’s Day weekend. This will give participants the chance to get a flavor of the immersive Hebrew and start to build language skills. After the class concludes, participants will have a 1:1 verbal assessment with one of our faculty members. More information will be available by November 1 about this option.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR:   Sunday, July 12 - Parents and siblings are invited to join us for Yom Orchim (Chalutzim Visitors Day), 11:00-3:30 p.m.  From 11:00-12:15 there will be an opportunity to hear from the OSRUI leadership, meet your child’s madrichim (counselors) and see their Ivrit (Hebrew) class in action. From 12:15-3:30 you are welcome to either take your child out of camp for lunch, ice cream, etc., or stay at camp for lunch, optional camp activities, and a tour led by your child. We ask that all campers be back at camp promptly by 3:30 and that visitors depart at that time so we can resume the regular camp schedule.   

Note: Chalutzim campers traditionally plan a reunion immediately after the session ends. The reunion is called "3-Day" because it is held on Wednesday, three days after camp ends. OSRUI is not involved in the planning of this reunion at all. But we wanted to let you know so you could make appropriate travel plans when the time comes.

Entering Grades 10-12  .  2 Weeks  .  June 29 - July 12

OSRUI is excited to introduce the Immersive Teen Leadership Summit. Whether you're an OSRUI veteran camper or you've never been to Oconomowoc before, this is a great opportunity to join with teens from around North America and learn with nationally known experts.  This two-week program will help you develop unique leadership skills while enjoying all of the fun activities of summer camp. You'll dive deep into either songleading training, social justice advocacy training, or youth group leadership training.  The session will include focused learning with a team of experts from our movement, opportunities to practice skills learned with hands on experience, and celebrating two Shabbatot with the OSRUI community.

Songleading Track   If you’re looking to up your songleading game, there’s no better way to do it than by joining us for our Songleading Track. You’ll brush up on the fundamentals but mostly focus on building your skills during your training. This track is geared towards teens who are already songleading or who have the fundamentals for songleading (either playing an instrument or not but feeling confident in front of groups to lead singing, teach music, get a group’s attention, etc.). Whether you’re songleading at your synagogue, tot Shabbat, or for youth group, this track will allow you to make an individualized plan to improve on the skills you help identify as growth areas. 

RAC Track – Social Justice for the Modern Teen Leader - Led by Logan Zinman Gerber If you’re wondering how to take action on your love for justice and hopes for a better world, join us to learn from and with Logan Zinman Gerber and other social justice leaders in the field. Though you’ll focus on social justice through a Jewish lens, this program is built to teach you transferable skills so that you can take what you learn out into the world, while understanding how to use your own passion and story as a driver for change. If you’ve dreamed of participating in protests or fighting for what’s right, help us launch and lead our Civic Engagement Campaign in partnership with staff from the Religious Action Center. No previous experience is necessary, simply a strong interest in social justice. 

NFTY Regional Leadership Track – Led by the NFTY North American Board This track is built for you if you’re already a teen leader in NFTY or your temple youth group, or you’re interested in becoming one. Through a lens of peer-to-peer engagement models used in places like Hillels and Reform congregations, you’ll learn the fundamentals of what it means to be a fantastic leader of your peers. Immerse yourself in a community of leaders looking to develop great programs for their peers to engage in meaningful Jewish learning.  Participants in this track will also have the opportunity to work with the NFTY North American board to create and evaluate initiatives and resources being created for congregations and youth groups to use throughout the year.

Entering Grades 10-12  .  4 Weeks  .  July 14-Aug 9

The only trip of its kind, Tour La’Agam (Tour to the Lake) is a spectacular bicycle ride on the Lake Michigan shoreline. Teens bike hundreds of miles as they explore the byways, forests, dunes, and the simple enormity and beauty of the lake.

Tour La’Agam is a traveling community that builds itself a little more each day. The first several days will be spent in camp, training and preparing for the trip, as well as visiting the Trek bicycle factory in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Then the group sets off northeast, meeting the lake near Sheboygan. From there they ride north to legendary Door County, ferry over to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, head south through the Straits of Mackinac to the Lower Peninsula, and then ferry back to Wisconsin. On the last bike leg of the trip, the group pedals right back to OSRUI, and spends a final Shabbat together at camp.

Services are part of each day and Jewish learning directed toward a better understanding of ecology and the land rounds out the experience. Of course Shabbat, the highlight of the week, will be a well-deserved day of rest and community. This remarkable ride will be a celebration of the power of the lake and its vitality as well as an exploration of each teen's physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

Tour La’Agam will be led by an experienced bicycle tour guide, along with other specially trained staff. Each night will be spent camping out in tents at campgrounds along the way. A van for support and gear will accompany the group. Bicycles will be provided by OSRUI, as will tents and cooking gear. Personal gear will be the responsibility of each participant. A separate gear list will be available in the Spring.

Participants in this program must be prepared to ride up to 50-60 miles each day, and thus must be in very good physical condition with no medical limitations of back, leg or ankle.

Interview:  Applicants must be interviewed by one of the OSRUI directors.  You will be contacted to arrange an interview once we receive your application.

Teens can combine their interest in Hebrew, travel, and Judaism on this once-in-a-lifetime experience in Israel.  This immersive Hebrew-speaking community of teens will take an epic journey, spending four weeks exploring Israel and deepening their Hebrew knowledge.  This unique and challenging program is for teens who seek a meaningful and exciting journey to Israel filled with amazing memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.  Participants must have a baseline level of Hebrew knowledge.  Thanks to the generosity of our community, there is a $3,000 subsidy for OSRUI families and members of URJ congregations in the Midwest.  For more information, visit the NFTYIsrael website.


OSRUI's NFTY in Israel trip - Chalutzim Ba'Aretz | entering grades 10-12

Join your camp friends on a journey to Israel! For more information, visit!

URJ Mitzvah Corps | entering grades 10 to 12

Expand your comfort zone and make a difference. Volunteer and immerse yourself in a new community in Israel and throughout North America as you learn about the people and culture of these communities. Be a change-maker through Mitzvah Corps’ unique hands-on experiences.