It is with broken hearts that we share our plans to cancel all in-person activities held on our site for summer 2020. If at any point new information emerges and conditions change that lead us to be able to provide in-person gatherings, we will do so as a top priority.

Please note: All prices are in US Dollars.

SESSION                                                                                                     Entering Grade Opening Day Closing Day 2020 Tuition Non-URJ Fee Waterskiing
Atid Aleph 2-4* Jun. 15 Jun. 21 $ 570 N/A N/A
Atid Bet  (Full for Girls) 2-3 Aug. 5 Aug. 9 $ 380 N/A N/A
Kallah Aleph 3-5 Jun. 15 Jun. 28 $2465 $150 $165
Kallah Bet  (Full for Girls) 3-5 Jun. 29 Jul. 12 $2465 $150 $165
Kallah Gimmel    4-6 Jul. 14 Aug. 2 $3685 $200 $230
Kibbutz HaTzofim Aleph 4-7 Jun. 15 Jun. 28 $2465 $150 $165
Kibbutz HaTzofim Bet 4-7 Jun. 29 Jul. 12 $2465 $150 $165
Kibbutz HaTzofim Gimmel 5-7 Jul. 14 Aug. 9 $5075 $275 $295
Gesher Aleph 6-9 Jun. 23 Jul. 12 $3685 $200 $230
Gesher Bet 7-10 Jul. 14 Aug. 9 $5075 $275 $295
Tiferet Aleph 6-8 Jun. 15 Jul. 12 $5075 $275 $295
Tiferet Bet  (Full for Boys) 8-10 Jul. 14 Aug. 9 $5075 $275 $230
Moshavah Aleph 8-9 Jun. 15 Jul. 12 $5075 $275 $165
Moshavah Bet  (Full for Girls) 8-10 Jul. 14 Aug. 9 $5075 $275 $165
Chalutzim    10-11 Jun. 15 Aug. 2 $6935 $500 $380
Teen Leadership Summit   10-12 Jun. 29 Jul. 12 $2465 $150 N/A
Tour La'Agam 10-12 Jul. 14 Aug. 9 $4385 $275 N/A

Chalutzim Ba'Aretz Hebrew in the Homeland Grades 10-12
URJ Mitzvah Corps Social Justice Travel Programs in Israel, Central and North America Grades 9-12

*A Note About Atid:  To give as many campers as possible an introduction to OSRUI, preference is given to first-time campers. If there are any spots open after January 1st, they may be made available to returning Atid campers or entering 4th graders, although the program is really designed for younger children.  Please contact OSRUI Registrar Rachel Lyon for information:   847-239-6974.

Deposit: A deposit of $500 per camper per session is required upon registration. If you choose to send a check instead of using your credit card, your registration cannot be confirmed until we receive your deposit check and we cannot hold a space for your child in the interim.

Payment Schedule: Tuition must be paid in full by April 1st. Parents may elect to pay in 2 or 3 installments, or may pay the entire balance by April 1st.

Cancellation Fee:

  • Prior to January 1: $200
  • January 1 - May 15: $500
  • After May 15: Cancellation or withdrawal for any reason after May 15 will result in the forfeiture of all fees.

Coronavirus: If we are faced with a worst-case scenario and cannot provide camp for your child's summer session, we will offer you several options to mitigate your financial burdens, including a full refund.  See our blog for more information.

Cancellation Insurance: You may want to consider cancellation insurance, in the event you need to cancel your child’s registration. We make available, through CampMinder, competitively priced cancellation/interruption protection to cover program costs.  You'll have the option of signing up when you register for camp or, if you have already registered, you may contact the company directly: Of course you may select another policy/company of your own choosing.

Fee Assistance: OSRUI offers scholarships based on financial need. A refundable deposit of $200 is required at the time of registration. An OSRUI scholarship application must be submitted by December 1st for campers registered in September, October or November. The cancellation fee for campers receiving fee assistance is $50.

All campers must be immunized. See the URJ 2020 Vaccine Statement for more information.

Read the complete 2020 Terms and Conditions.

Sibling Discount: Families with two or more campers will receive a $100 discount for each camper after the first. The discount may not be used to reduce your deposit; it will be applied to your balance.

Referral Discount: Any current camper who refers a first-time camper (not a sibling and must be a new family to OSRUI) who attends OSRUI 2020 for 2 weeks or longer will receive a $100 tuition credit. There is no limit on the number of tuition credits a camper may receive. This fee is not valid for cash and may not be used toward your deposit. The referring camper must attend camp to get the tuition credit. If the referred camper cancels, the credit will be removed. We are sorry but clergy and educators will not receive a credit for referring a congregant. However they will receive a credit for referring other family and friends. Please email the names of campers you have referred to Those families must indicate that you referred them when they register.

The tuition fee includes: All camp activities (except as noted below), laundry, the basic camp pharmacy registration fee, and free limited access for camper families to our online service for viewing photos and emailing your camper.  

The tuition fee does not include:

Water Skiing There is an additional charge for those who want to water ski. See the grid above for costs per session. Two-week campers can expect 4 lessons, and 4-week campers can expect 8 or 9 lessons, subject to weather and program. Note: Due to the time that Moshavah campers spend out of camp, they will receive 4 lessons at a cost of $165. Due to the time that Tiferet Bet campers spend in their art studio, they will receive 6 lessons at a cost of $230. Space is limited in this program. Cancellation after April 1st will result in the forfeiture of the water skiing fee. Atid campers do not water ski.

Non-URJ Fee Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute is part of the Union for Reform Judaism family of camps and youth programs. Families who are not members of a URJ congregation will be assessed a surcharge of $75 per week, not to exceed $500 per family. See the grid above for costs per session.

Transportation Fee There is an additional charge for those who request bus service from the Chicago area or Minnesota. Parents/guardians will be able to indicate travel arrangements after February 1st. You must cancel bus service at least two weeks prior to your child’s travel date to receive a refund. Bus service for Atid is included in the cost of tuition.

We would never want a child to be denied the opportunity to experience a summer at OSRUI because of financial need. In addition to our congregations that offer scholarships, OSRUI also offers camp scholarships - Camperships - which are available to families and are based on financial need. There are also a range of savings opportunities available to first-time campers. For more information, please see Tuition Assistance and Savings.
Campers staying for two 2-week sessions have the option of staying in camp during the intersession (June 30 - July 1) or going home/off camp with parents. For campers staying between the sessions, intersession is fully programmed and there is no charge.  Most campers staying for two 2-week sessions choose to stay at camp during intersession, though parents are also welcome to take their campers home for the 24-hours between sessions.

Campers staying for 5, 6, or 8 weeks are expected to go home/off camp with parents during the intersession (July 12-14) if the family lives within driving distance of OSRUI. Campers who must take air travel to and from OSRUI may stay in camp during that intersession if necessary, with prior arrangement. There is no charge for the intersession program.