While at OSRUI, campers participate in a wide variety of athletic, recreational and creative activities. All of our activities seek to strike a balance between skill development and personal enjoyment, and constant effort is made to meet the needs and wants of the campers.

Alpine Tower


Arts & Crafts


Beit Café











Drawing and Painting



Floor Hockey




Horseback Riding

Israeli Dancing



Martial Arts


Meshugenah Races



Paddle Boarding


Physical Fitness

Pillow Polo

Ping Pong

Rock Climbing*

Ropes Course




Song Sessions


Star Spangled Mesibah


Talent Shows



Teva (nature)


Ultimate Frisbee






From wake-up to lights-out, the daily schedule is designed to both offer a full day of camp activities while also meeting the "lifestyle" needs of the various age groups at camp.

While our programs vary according to focus, length of sessions, and type of housing (cabins or tents), the daily schedule is similar for all units. The following schedule is designed to give you a general idea of what your child’s day will be like at OSRUI. Keep in mind that activity times vary depending on the unit (e.g., some have swimming, chugim (electives), or sports in the morning, others in the afternoon).


  • Wake-up (7:00-7:30 a.m.)
  • Morning T'filot (services)
  • Breakfast
  • Limudim, Ivrit (Jewish learning activities)
  • Sports


  • Lunch
  • M'nucha (rest period)
  • Chugim (electives: drama, music, art, horseback riding, sailing, media, photography, etc.)
  • Swimming in the pool or at the lake (instructional, water slides, boating, and free swim)
  • Cabin/Tent time


  • Dinner
  • Evening T'filot
  • Evening Program (Recreational/Social)
  • Snack
  • Laila Tov (good night) program (9:00-10:00 pm) (stories, singing, or discussion)

While our programs vary according to focus, length of sessions, and life style, the daily schedule is similar for all units. The following schedule is designed to give you a general idea of what your child’s day will be like at OSRUI. Keep in mind that activity times vary depending on the unit (e.g., some have swimming, chugim (electives), or sports in the morning, others in the afternoon).

Wake-up: Everyone wakes up between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. On Shabbat, campers have the opportunity to sleep late and younger campers have breakfast as a unit, while older campers can grab breakfast when they wake up.

Meals: Our cabin units (Atid, Kallah, Gesher, Tiferet, and Chalutzim) have all their meals in the air conditioned Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall). In Tzofim and Moshavah, campers eat on picnic tables right outside their own kitchen (or inside their sheltered recreation space in the event of rain). All campers get one or two healthy snacks each day. On Shabbat, everyone has Shabbat dinner together in the Chadar Ochel and Shabbat lunch picnic style outside the Chadar Ochel. Please see the Meals and Nutrition page for information on OSRUI’s Kashrut policy.

Activities: Campers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and arts/cultural activities everyday. Most units have a sports period each day as well as a chug (elective) period. Chugim include photography, media, dance, drama, teva (nature), sports, cooking, sailing, swim team, and visual art. Gesher campers have two chug periods each day, including additional electives open only to them. Campers who sign up for waterskiing will have lessons 4 times in a 2-week session and 8 or 9 times in a 4-week session (except where noted), weather and program permitting.

Nikayon (Clean Up): Every cabin and tent must be cleaned thoroughly each day. The purpose of this is to keep our living conditions sanitary and "livable" as well as to teach the value of taking care of ones' self and property. Responsibilities for this activity lies with the campers, under the supervision and with the help of the staff. Jobs are usually rotated among members of the bunk (counselors included) and there is a set of standards to be reached. The health and safety of the campers is contingent on a clean bunk. Inspections are made regularly by the faculty. Cabins/tents that receive a perfect score get a special treat.

M’nucha (Rest Period): Every camper has an hour of rest during the day. Rest means being quiet and on the bed. During this time, campers frequently write letters or read books, and napping is encouraged.

Ivrit (Hebrew): Although Hebrew is infused throughout the day at OSRUI, all campers also have a Hebrew instruction period six days each week for about 45 minutes (Chalutzim campers have 2½ hours of instruction each day). Counselors use songs, games, and fun activities to teach campers and are supervised by the staff of our Mirkaz Ivrit (Hebrew Center).

Limud (Jewish Learning): Every session at OSRUI has a Judaic theme which runs throughout the day at camp. But there is time devoted each day specifically for limud. Campers might have a discussion on the topic of the day, play a game, see a play put on by the counselors or faculty, or have some other learning experience.

Swimming and Boating: Campers swim in the Lillian and Larry Goodman Aquatic Center, which features three pools and two waterslides. In addition to instructional swim, there are weekly pool parties, water volleyball, the splash bucket, and loads of fun!! Depending on their session, campers may have the opportunity to take classes in life guarding and competitive swim. The OSRUI waterfront is located on beautiful Lac La Belle, and features kayaking, sailing, waterskiing (for an additional fee), tubing, as well as Shabbat afternoon at the beach.

Chofesh (Free Time): Free time is limited during the day. Although the Kallah program is very structured, campers do have time during the day with their cabin for games and fun together. Because of the nature of Tzofim, campers have a more loosely structured day, although they don’t have specific free periods. Older campers are given some free time during the day, with activities to choose from in the unit or an opportunity to just relax.

Evening Programs: Evening programs are always creative and exciting. They can include sports nights, crafts nights, all-camp events such as talent shows or concerts, activities and games for the whole unit, and cabin/tent nights where counselors plan activities for small groups of campers, including pontoon rides and campfires.

Special Events: Several special events are scheduled throughout the summer, including the Star Spangled Mesibah (4th of July talent show planned by Tiferet Aleph), FestiKayitz (Summer Fest), Judaica Bowl, Maccabiah Games, Oconomostock (our own version of Woodstock planned by Tzofim Gimmel), and the Carnival (planned by Gesher).

Field Trips: Our youngest campers usually do not go on any field trips. Older campers may go on one or more trips during the summer. Tiferet campers go on trips based on their specialty (dance, drama, music, or visual art); Chalutzim goes on a 3-day canoe trip; Moshavah campers go on two or three multi-day trips hiking, biking, rock climbing, or canoeing; Tzofim Gimmel 7th graders go on an overnight trip hiking or canoeing; and Gesher campers go on 2 or 3 day trips, depending on the length of their session. Campers in Tzofim Gimmel, Gesher, and Tiferet Bet also go to the Milwaukee Zoo or the Wisconsin Dells; campers may also visit a local dairy farm. Field trips are included in the cost of your tuition. For certain trips (zoo, baseball game) campers are given $5 (sometimes a little more) from their canteen accounts to cover snacks.

Lights Out: Units go to bed at times appropriate to their age. Lights out is based on all campers getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night. Staff members have rotating overnight duty, and a staff member is present inside each cabin from lights out until wake-up the next morning.

There is an additional charge for Waterskiing (please see the Dates and Fees page).

Waterskiing is open to all campers, except those in Kallah Atid or Tour La'Agam.

Two-week campers can expect 4 lessons and 4-week campers can expect 8 or 9 lessons, weather permitting. (Exception: Due to the time spent out of camp, Moshavah campers will receive 4 waterski lessons, priced accordingly. Due to the time spent in their art studio, Tiferet Bet campers will receive 6 waterski lessons, priced accordingly). Space in each program is limited. Cancellation after after April 1st will result in forfeiture of all fees for waterskiing.