Why Work at OSRUI?

Working at OSRUI is a great opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of our campers while developing important lifelong skills and having the summer of your life!

Our staff members are carefully selected from among applicants from all over the United States, Canada, Israel, and Europe. Counselors are at least 19 years of age or entering sophomores in college. Members of the Machon program (counselors-in-training) are high school graduates, and a special work/study program - Avodah Corps - is available for entering high school seniors.

Whether you are applying for the first time or returning as a seasoned veteran, it is important to remember that the goal of our camp is Jewish learning through Jewish living. Of course, in addition to creating lifelong memories and learning for our campers, you’ll be doing the same for yourself.

We are looking for applicants who combine a love for children and Judaism, are energetic and enthusiastic, enjoy working as part of a team and are mature and responsible.  We ask that staff applicants be able to express these qualities not only through words and beliefs, but also actions.

By working at OSRUI, you will gain many tools and skills such as:

  • Communication: Between public speaking, interacting with other colleagues on the OSRUI staff, and having conversations with campers and parents, you will learn to effectively verbally communicate to a variety of people.
  • Problem Solving: You will learn to, with the support of others around Camp, find creative solutions to everyday challenges and how to create great programs and learning opportunities for your campers.
  • People Management: You will be a role model for your campers and other staff members and you will learn to guide them through their summer at OSRUI. You will be given the opportunity to be the ‘go-to’ person for your campers and parts of the program.

While Camp is an informal setting, OSRUI is a professional environment where we expect you to behave professionally, be dedicated to your work, and follow all the policies.

For questions regarding staff positions, please contact Beth Rodin, Associate Director, at 847-239-6977 or brodin@urj.org or Dylan Singer, Assistant Director, at 847-239-6969 or dmsinger@urj.org