Blog  Middot (Values) and MaccabEah

Middot (Values) and MaccabEah

The idea of working together as a team towards a common goal is something that gets highlighted repeatedly each summer at camp.  Maccabiah (OSRUI’s 24-hour team competition) is just one example of how we can take all our campers’ unique strengths and differences and work as one community.  Some love to play sports and others enjoy the arts, everyone enjoys feeling a part of something bigger than themselves.  Our 5 Middot (guiding values) Ometz – Perseverance,  Kavod – Respect, Tsumet Lev – Really Listening, Derech Eretz – Doing the Right Thing and  Chesed – Kindness are woven into all aspects of our days at camp and especially during Maccabiah.  While the rules, and activities of MaccabEah may have had to change for this summer, our guiding principles have stayed the same.  Each day will have challenges for individuals and families, working towards helping your team win the most points!  After spending so much time together over the past several months in quarantine, the challenges of MaccabEah may be an amazing and powerful way to continue to connect as a family.  Using these 5 Middot with your family, whether it is practicing each of the values yourself or providing positive reinforcement when another family member shows examples of them, can and will elevate your relationship towards each other.